+ella mai+

I definitely able to guaranteed that everyone must heard Boo’d Up already right ? Yup, and definitely you guys heard about Ella Mai before right ? she’s one of the most talented British artists out there. Other than her song Boo’d Up, she’s been so incredible with other songs as well, for example the song 10 000 Hours, it was released 2 years ago, with views of 43 M, definitely she deserves more views than she got, if you want to calculate views..but I don’t think views are really that matter, for me.

I’m very into R&B right now, so I heard a lot of songs from artists like H.E.R., SZA, Daniel Ceasar, and more…her song called Trip, its also a good song, its very chill, its such a bop, but not the cheap sexy bop…her collaboration with Chris Brown was also an incredible collaboration. Basically for Trip, the audio got around 100 M views, which showing that her voice presence has such a strong presence, so I think that’s the most important thing…right ? anyways because I’m not a pro critics at the moment (just yet) that’s what I think about her right now, I think its important to see the strength of the artists that currently are on the industry..I mean making music is not easy ! And I definitely understand on how hard it is to brainstorm a thing or two for another project #iwasinartschoolbefore…

What I like from Ella Mai, is that most of her songs are very simple, but its chill, its amazing but not over the top, and her songs got more longevity too, which also important, because maybe 10 years from now it could be on an advertisements, or something you never know right ? Also if you know who’s Ella Mai is, let me know what’s your favourite songs from her, that you guys love the most..if you have a comment its definitely will be soo much helpful for me ❤ cheers…

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