Hello guys welcome to my blog, today I want to talk about Chrisye. Chrisye is one of the greatest Indonesian artists of all time, having numerous charted songs, and his songs are going to live forever, I mean the songs are that great so you can listen to it until now.

Living away from Indonesia actually making me be more thankful about what I have in Indonesia. Sometimes I miss it even more, I become more appreciate with the country where I was born and raised, and definitely I’m going back after having some experience outside the country.

So I’m not going to prolong, and write about Chrisye. His genres have been categorised as pop, progressive rock, and influence of R&B, those are the genres that I listen to, at the moment. For example the song Kangen, where he collaborated with Indonesian actress, Sophia Latjuba.Kangenmeans miss you, missing you, to miss. But it depends on how you’re going to used the word.

One of the song that I also familiar with is Kisah Cintaku or My Love Story. The song was released back in 1988, but the song is still so listenable up until now, you guys might know Indonesian songs or not, but give them a try, because of them are really worth it.

Here’s are some my other favourite too

I thought Chrisye was also part of the earliest generation of Indonesian musician to introduced disco, dance music to Indonesian audience at that time. Sadly around 2007, when I was 4th grader Chrisye passed due to lung cancer. But since I was a kid, my parents are also listening to some old Indonesian hit songs that’s how I know Chrisye.

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