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Winner probably the most sweetest k pop idol at the moment. They promised to the fans that they would have a second comeback after the Everyday album was released…but we all know that the schedule of the YG artists are fully packed, with a lot of artists and the series from the agency it’s understandable that the comeback won’t make it on time. They’re back with Millions, hence Song Minho will have such a hectic time after his solo debut, well congratz again Song Minho you deserved it so well, WINNER you’ve done so well as well, after those roller coaster rides, the fans are very supportive as well. So Everyday, and Milllions are hopefully will be the songs that people will cherish on everyday’s life, and hopefully WINNER will always be a WINNER with their life, and together for a longggggg time.

They’re back with the colourful track, I think Really Really is the turning point, from a heartbreak kid to a happy kid. I do miss their mellow, R&B fused. But having a song dedicated to the fans. That’s incredible, showing how committed you’re as an idol to the fans, that’s actually providing the base for you to get well known. I hope that in the future they will shine together, and for MINO here well he really showing the fact that he’s capable of going solo. I mean Fiancé got 6 music shows trophies which ties with WINNER’s record by far for Really Really. But I think the song is really cheerful for the Christmas time, and definitely it’s an enjoyable song for the Joyful season. The fact that they keep the simple dance, instead of the wide moves it’s cool because they don’t following the trend, and yeah I hope evyething will be well for the result ❤️

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