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Last year Lil Peep passed at the age of 21, but his legacy continues running through the eyes of his arts, family, friends, and the fans. What I knew that his parents are both were Harvard graduates, showing that no matter what will your son/daughter will do in the future just support them, and give them the biggest support like Lil Peep, Liza did with her son, yup Liza also directed the music video Runaway.

The music video was released in November 1 2018, which Lil Peep could have been 22. But the music video was so touching, simply because his mother, Liza kept all the drawings from Lil Peep’s childhood which later was turnt to a music video, through the form of collage art. The song is part of Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2, which was delayed to be release at that time. But I think the most important thing is how we are able to cherish every single beautiful moments, that’s like Liza is really doing a good job.

I mean she told that going to college it was hard because Peep got a homesickness, and we all do, she really understand and very supportive, and able to make it the best memories out of it, although deifinitely hard. But at the end of the day, able to making some sort of collaboration with the family, that’s the best treasure in life.

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