+cheryl cole’s 3words review+

Around 2010s I really love the song Fight For This Love, and Parachute from Cheryl Cole. Later on that year actually I began my high school year, so I exploring so,e stuffs that I think it’s more girly, fun, and sexy at the same time..back then I would like to imagine Parachute as my dance track, and technically back then I fell in love with everything that sounds British ( I still do )

So I’m going to review the 3 Words album, and I’ve picked out some of my favourite, definitely Fight For This Love, and Parachute is going to be on the list. Both songs are sharing the same level of girl power. If FIGHT FOR THIS LOVE is the push side, then PARACHUTE is like the pull side on a relationship, but I don’t know how do you feel..and I also remember clearly that at that year (2010s) she was considered as the WAGS as well, which I actually don’t really care, because at the end of the day it’s really nobody’s business on people’s relationship #cheers

WILL I AM was also a huge collaborator on this 3 WORDS album, there were songs including the title track 3 Words, Heaven, and Heartbreaker which were 2010s disco dance and hip hop vibes, if you were listening to this when you were in high school we’re probably are on our 20s and I scared to sometimes, but anyways I hope everything are going to be okay, and as good as plan

Moving on, I personally think that the most memorable track from this album was Fight For This Love, and I think that song is still a staple of Cheryl Cole’s fans, and it was brought up to the surface in 2017/2018 by the k pop industry after a song called Heroine was allegedly plagiarised Fight For This Song, but apparently it’s not..by the way let me know what do you guys thinks about the album ? Did you listen to it back in 2010s like I did ? Hehehehe

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