Does anyone actually remember Akon ? Well basically he is one of the artists that I listen when I was young, and basically it was my introduction to R&B music, although the song wasn’t the one that making me liking, and become a fan of Akon. It was 2010, and I was getting my first apple product, the ipod, basically I fell in love with my ipod, and put some of my favourite songs in it, I’m still using it, because I just realised that I save to many music that I love, although I also used spotify, for my streaming platform.

Freedom probably is my favourite song ever, because again the song wasn’t something that got a lot of heavy drop bass, although some of his song contained those heavy beats, and full dance mode songs, like he collaborated with David Guetta in the past. Freedom contained some of his personal thoughts, from where he is, and his home city, making it (the song) more personal. The other one that I love is actually Lonely, the intro to the song is really funny, and I think its an iconic intro when I was young. In the 2010s Akon made some hits, including the one for the World Cup song, and also collaboration with David Guetta.

Although his comebacks are mostly a featuring acts, I think it helps his long time fans as well, for example the song he recorded with Ozuna, who’s currently one of the hit artists at the moment, alongside Cardi B, and other rappers. At the moment hip hop songs are currently leading the music charts, almost the hit songs released in the past few years, are categorised as R&B, or HipHop musics, and I think its a very interesting thing to see, considering rock music have been leading the charts in the pasts, but some of hip hop songs are also leading the charts in the past. let me know on the comment section below too. 

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