hello guys, so I personally think that remixes are something to be very cool, in my opinion. I mean sampling things are not easy, and you built up into the music that already exist is not an easy thing to do..its just like applying make up, but you don’t want the make up being cakey at the end of the make up…(just if you know what I mean)…I found some remixes that I think cool, it might be ages ago, might be new this week..but please let me know what do you guys think about the musics down below..

Firstly I have the remix of Dua Lipa’s IDGAF, to be fair no one is able to hate Dua Lipa, and especially her collaboration with BLACKPINK, making her even more lovable in the K Pop fans, and non-k pop fans for bridging the gap between the music industry of East, and the West, proofing that language barrier is not the hot topic anymore. The remix is able on the 88rising channel. I mean, Rich Brian’s voice is amazing, and I went to his concert once, and it was incredible…

Next I have a song called Overdose, by AGNEZ MO, featuring Chris Brown. I mean growing up in Indonesia, I’ve heard Agnes Monica performed bunch of songs that I really like, it was amazing on how I saw her performed on TV, she’s one of the artists from Indonesia that’s dare to be different. Although a lot of people are complaining that’s she’s being westernised, but I do think that she’s a cool person, and she’s making it on the US market, so congratzzz girl.

Last but not least is Runaway, by Mariah Carey featuring KOHH, I’ve been missing KOHH to drop his own thing, but he gave the fans bunch of featuring goods, which I think its still awesome. This song (Runway) was released 2018, and the Japanese version of the album contained this amazing collaboration within KOHH, and Mariah, not to mentioned she also collaborated with Skrillex, and I think its unique when you listen to a song with different languages on the song 🙂 but I don’t know let me know on the comment sections 🙂

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