+vera blue+

Don’t you guys usually open the YouTube account that pop out on your YouTube ? Well I did, and I kind of enjoying artists that I just knew through the social media. This time her name is Vera Blue, she’s from Australia. Which from the wikipedia page, she’s peaked at 3rd place for the singing competition The Voice Australia season 2. Her songs are mostly are something that I would listen to during me freetime, and its my musical style as well (the one that I listen to) its almost a bit of R&B, a bit of pop, and a bit electronica.

other than that her music videos visuals are very interesting to watch as well. Its very dreamy, and fresh at the same time. Its also highlighting girls squad, because I do think that every girls should stand for the sake for the girls/woman/women’s pride. Her voice is also giving you this chills that I think its very interesting to listen to, and I think she’s deserves more views than the current views she got, I would recommended her for the fans of Lorde, NIKI, Billie Eilish, and those alternative music artists, and I think the music spectrums nowadays is very wide, and its also the mix of a lot of musical genres that I think making the music industry becoming more interesting.

Don’t forget to always let me know who’s your favourite artists to look up for, and don’t forget to leave a comment down on my blog, your readings, likes, and comments are very meaningful to me, it meant a lot for me 🙂



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