There was time where Rita Ora was dubbed as the next Rihanna, but I always love watching MTV, or channel V as a kid, where actually its giving me the chance of knowing about artists all around the world. I think I do get it when people compare the two artists, its because how they are two of the bold artists in terms of fashion in the industry, their looks (bad girl image), and the song of choice, but I do think that they are different in so many ways, aside for Rita being a British singer. 

I know b with their successful single, and need to put another release. For example Poison, was not as popular as I’ll Never Let You Down, based on views. But for me I love Poison better, but the news related to her relationship able to boost the popularity of the song I’ll Never Let Ypu Down. That’s my opinion, even her collaborations with Cardi B wasn’t popular as her song Let You Love Me, although we might thought Girls could be at the top of the charts through Cardi’s popularity.

Although her collaborations with Chris Brown was able to top up the charts, and gained enough of popularity. I mean with the music trends are always changing, you can’t really predict on what people are going to love, with k Pop is fussing bunch of genres, and their captivating fan services, it’s really hard to compete with their marketing strategy. And not to forget their animations on their music videos are sublime, but I think Rita is going back to the charts through her new single ❤️

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