+missing fun.+

any of you guys remember the song We Are Young back in 2011, it was a Grammy Awards 2013, and I hope Taylor Swift is going to win song of the year, but she didn’t. And the song We Are Young won it, and later on Jack Antonoff, worked with Taylor Swift, and I do miss the band, since they went for hiatus back in 2015. I like the way they made the music videos, aside from their songs, that I think its very relatable 🙂 I do hope that they will make another success once they announce their comeback to the music industry, its very understandable because a lot of new boy groups are coming up, and they have a supportive fans, a bit different from the fans of Western artists that I think we just check out the artists whenever we want to, and we don’t really have a streaming project hahahahaha.

I would listen to We Are Young sometimes, I do think that the song is a perfect song for a competition, or just a reminder that we should be ourselves, be fun as always, always be on the moment. I feel like one of their songs that I actually think its very sad was Carry On, and Why Am I The One, for the song Why Am I The One, the story of a journey of that luggage is really gets me on, and for some reason we always thought some people might think that we are always be the outsider, sometimes we felt unwanted..the journey is long to get some point that we want, somewhere we belong…and yeahhh that’s what I got..I really hope they will release another song 🙂

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the comment section if you do miss fun. as much as I do, and I hope that you will…let me know what’s your favourite song(s) from fun. and I will happily listen to what you guys listed for me 🙂

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