So today YG TREASURE BOX IS OUT which I personally think it was nerve wrecking, I’m glad that Bang Yedam is actually kept his position at the debut team. So apparently there’s no safe place, just inside the England national football, or any other football team or sport team, you need to fight your position at your best..they cover the song Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, the composition is different from the original ones, but they made it to YG style. There’s a lot of rumours that Yedam lost, so I was nervous watching the fifth episode of the survival show, because I can’t wait to see him perform with more songs in the future. The song was given an R&B vibes, but I still love the song because they aren’t doing a great job covering the song

And another song that came out today is from Ariana Grande, called Imagine a tribute song to Mac Miller. I guess Ariana is the best example to keep the best memories out of the bad ones. Because at the end of the day we all have a bad day, and we do have a good times too.

I’ve loved and I’ve lost

But that’s not what I see

Although the song is very sad, I do understand the feelings that they went through happy, and sad times together. It was sad when the media also blew up things, and fans or other people acted that they know what happened on someone else’s relationship, when they don’t…I mean she posted the music through visual images that falling down, and blurry, with piles of iceberg..but in my mind it represents the coldness, and sad feelings…

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