+sugar plum+

Its been an amazing year, for NIKI with 88rising. The girl named Nicole Zefanya is clearly one of the most talented artists at the moment, she was the opening artist for Taylor Swift’s RED TOUR in Indonesia back in 2012, in partnership with Concerto. And today she released her song called Sugarplum Elegy, for the Christmas presents to everyone..its amazing right ? I also linked her lyrics down below, and keep supporting NIKI for sure and the other 88rising crew.

I really love the chill vibes from the song Sugarplum Elegy, I think its really picturing the cold winter night somewhere…the song is sweet, but at the same time it contained a bitterness from a breakup (I guessss)..but anyways sometimes the saddest songs are the best song that you’ll ever get instead of the happy ones. I could say that the songs are also sharing the emotions from the current reality, or something that you would be able to feel, hence its very connectible within the listeners, which I think its very important to have song that able to move other people’s heart. And definitely enjoy the song, and let me know which other song that I will be able to check out for the next review 🙂


Seven months older, Air’s getting cold, our bed’s startin’ to creak God knows where you are, I’m here waiting for love through a screen

You show me the outfit you chose for the dinner and tonight’s show, Must be nice to be your clothes.

Second to none even at your worst, Sometimes I wish you’d put me first Nowadays you’re such a blur We keep dancing around the innocent truth that we’re just…

Out of time (ooh) Must I die before you feel alive? (ooh) A curse in a graceful disguise I love you too much to stay in love.

How are you darling? How are you, really? How was Taiwan? (you never say) Thanks for the flowers, but you’ve been here hours yet your coat’s still very much on Tiptoein’ around the bitter truth but we both know…It’s just time (ooh) Must I die before you feel alive? (ooh) A curse in a graceful disguise

Great was our love, it was one for the books We gave it the best that we could but I won’t recite all my lines just to watch you and I…lie. I’m so proud I got to love you once.