Anggun is one of the greatest artists out there, even she’s living in France she’s not forgetting where’s she’s from, Indonesia. Around 2007 at a dinner place in my hometown, they had a music videos compilations of Anggun’s music, I was thinking that the filming is a bit different from other artists that I know.

Anggun is one of the artists that I really like at that time, but I have no social media yet, no phone yet, and definitely not addicted to an internet..just yet. In my opinion at that era she’s really different and bold, I mean now she’s aging and she’s very mature, which I love. She’s one of the artists that hopefully I’m going to be able to see her perform live.

Recently Anggun also participate with the movie title Silent Night, and sing the Indonesian version of the song. I like how she shows other people of having a tolerance although we have a different faith. Because for me, tolerance is part of showing love to other people, and at the end of the day we’re all humans, the same colour of blood, the same colour of flesh. Instead of hating each other, we can appreciate other culture through arts that’s able to reunite all of us..enjoy ❤️

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