+the 1975+

Hello guys since my parents are both at a Christmas meeting, so I have time to add more into my blog, soo knew about 1975 about 2 years ago. If you haven’t know about them, they are from the UK. And I think recently UK artists are become more outspoken than before, and they are currently on the rise right now. Aside their music are something thats not too hyping up, so for a long term listening, their musics are better, compare to the hype up, and full of bass music.

I have listed song like Sincerity Is Scary that was released back in 21 November 2018. In fact the video was filmed like in a broadway show which I think its interesting. I just feel like they deserve higher viewers, and likes button, but I have no idea on how people getting so many viewers without having a really good content of music…

The song highlighted on how our behaviours are actually able to affect people in so many ways. And its a bit hard to say something straight forwardly, or else people might not like the truth, but they loves the kissing ass-way talker.. The next song I would like to suggest for you guys, is called Give Yourself A Try. The thing with the music itself, it has a combination of lo-fi, and punk, I personally love Sincerity Is Scary, because I feel to be more connected through the song. The band has been regarded to have theme topics like youth, love, sex, and they have a bit darker tone on their music (and I like it) feel free to recommend me any songs that you would like me to listen to, I’ll be more happy, and willing to check it out guys 🙂

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