In Indonesia there are some collective thats growing right now, with Rich Brian (previously Chigga) is making it in the US, people in Indonesia starting to accepting the various genre of music in Indonesia, definitely not everything are nicely done. But artist like ramengvrl is really different compare to another artist. She is more bold compare to the other female Indonesian artist, and ramengvrl is starting to remove the stereotypical look, or music that Indonesian girl should look like or listen.

Its been about a year that I know the music from ramengvrl, and I think its cool to what she’s doing right now, I also often heard from my closest ones why would I listen to those things (my kind of music), I would like to say that its nobody’s business, in fact they are my best therapy to release my unspeakable thoughts. They are my listener (the music), and they are my friends when I could talk to nobody. I guess it became part of the universal language since that point, no matter what’s your colour, religion, and other things that might put people into categories, we are all the same at the isolation moment in our life.

And so guys let me know what do you think about ramengvrl. I personally think that she is one of the most amazing artists from Indonesia that’s very fun to watch for right now. Also she’s a bit different to all the Raissa listeners, or any other female Indonesian artists, not that I’m saying they are not good enough, but she’s different.

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