+yg treasure+

hello guys welcome back to my music review in the k pop world, I’m very sure that you guys are very excited with the YG Treasure Box right ? so apparently they have divided the boys into seven people, but apparently the other boys are able to compete to get a debut chance, and as you guys expected the 7 boys’ places are actually are not safe at all, if you guys know how Gareth Southgate picking up his team over the best ones, yup its like that..but I think that this competition is actually more cruel than picking names for World Cup by Southgate…

And my favourite trainee, Bang Yedam is not safe at all, some of you guys probably already read that Haruto, and Yedam will be replaced by others..(heartbreaking moment), but actually you got see them perform for the first time for the song Going Crazy, the song was written by Future Bounce. The thing is I have watched the reality show WIN : WHO’S NEXT, but I haven’t watch MIX AND MATCH, but I heard both shows are cruel as well. But this show is really hard breaking because they literally spilting the original group..I really hope that YEDAM will do well, and definitely I’m very excited on what will coming up next on the showw.

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