Los Unidades | about peace and unity | 2018 release

Los Unidades

Los Unidades
Los Unidades

About few days ago, Pharrell was updating that he was participating at a Global Citizen stage along with Chris Martin, and yess I’m fan of Coldplay, basically because of the song Fix You. However when I typed in Coldplay featuring Pharrell, the thing that first came out was Los Unidades. YUPP they came out with a different name for the Global Citizen EP, the EP is very interesting to look out, having big names like Pharrell, Wiz Kid, Stormzy, David Guetta, and even Nelson Mandela. The name Los Unidades itself is translated to The Units in English, which make sense with the name Global Citizen.

There are times that I would love to change the world, working in the UN, and just helping others, it sounds cliché..because how can I do that if I don’t even like to help my family member when they are at some difficulties (sometimesssss) But sometimes we need to enjoy the moment for a little bit, and its okay to dream to live in the perfect world, because we never know. SOOO BASED ON MY UNDERSTAND the EP was to record that although we have a diverse background, either its race, religion, or musical background at the end of the day we have the same intention ; removing poverty, and living in peace. Racism, and religions have been the most talk about things, and they are very powerful without we noticing it, its very sensitive, and both are the most dangerous weapon that we never knowww….I guess the idea was to stand up together against things that able to break the bond of the brotherhood in the human race.


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To me the other idea was without we speak the same language, we are able to help others hands in hands, and if we are able to do it for music, why won’t we able to do it in real life to be in peace with others…Which I think the idea was really good. We can see that sometimes through language barriers we think that there will never be peace, but we are wrong, because through the difference, and accepting others there will be peace 🙂 I think everyone should check out the whole albummmm let me know on the comment section below 🙂 ❤

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