+jung jin hyeong+

Hellow again, it turns out that it’s so much fun hahahah staying at the hotel, listening to my favourite music and updating new informations for the blog hahaha (not so new, just something new to me). In fact I’m not a huge trainees fan, but when I heard them (especially from YG) I want to know what they are up to now, non other is Jung Jin Hun. He participated in MIX AND MATCH, but he is a solo artist now.

It’s definitely a sad moment when a trainee that you guys have been cheering on, not being debuted on the debut team, and I understand that..but based on the videos that I found on the internet I’m very sure that he is a prominent artist in the future , I mean a collaboration with Sik K is literally lit, and based on the fans account he signed with Axis, in which the founder used to work under YG ent.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, I think AXIS is one of the creative platform like 88rising, and hopefully they will allow their artists to experimenting over times, in order to know what’s work and don’t. Jung after all got his talents that I could say it’s sublime, and I love his voice tooo 💪. I will recommend him to the fans of Dean, I think they have a similar vibe hehehehe

I also try my best to retrieve his soundcloud demo, because they were amazing..thanks to the fans ❤️❤️ y’all YG really knows how to choose the trainees they are all talented, and I only could wish all the best to them for the future

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