+daniel caesar+

hi guys, welcome to my blog, for the new ones, and my followers. I’m in Singapore right now, for health check up (my eyes only). But the thing is I don’t have enough time for my own time (hahahahaha), but I found Daniel Caesar, in which I’ve known him for his collaboration with HER. The thing is I did a little research for him, where his single Get You, was such a hit back in 2016, not only that his parents were also a musicians, and released their own album when they were a high schooler back in Jamaica.

To be fair, I really like his voice I mean his voice really got his own swag, where most of the songs are very chill, and fun at the same time. Listen to some of his songs, they are amazing, Most of his inspirations are coming through the topics of religion, and unrequited love. He sites Frank Oceans, Kanye Wests, and Beyoncé as his inspirations for his musics. Not only that he also nominated for various music awards like 2018 Grammy’s for Best R&B album, and Best R&B performance, and 2018 BET Awards where he was nominated for Best New Artist, and Best R&B Male artist, and anyways definitely I can’t wait for what’s his next move in the music industry…. 🙂


not related : jorja smith’s cover for Frank Ocean’s Lost is amazinggg

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