Okies people next one of my faves is Lauv. I could say that chill songs are currently the best during rainy season (in Indonesia). Besides the best thing is that you just don’t want to have a hype up songs during your sleepy days, but they are still easy, and fun to listen to. I know I think everyone is really excited to listen to hype up songs, but sometimes you’ll get easily bored (right). So I’m currently listening to bunch of different kind of music, which I think it’s fun to do so.

I would suggest him for someone that’s a fan of Honne, Troy Sivan. Besides all the talents he is also a NYU GRADUATE, impressive right ? (Hoping I’ll meet someone that’s equally talented and nice and amazingly artistic, good looking). Anyways I would like to talk about the song styles that he wrote. He combines style of R&B and indie pop music, more into like alternatives music. Anyways more going back to his music, the musics that he shares are actually very relatable to our age, maybe because of his age different is not that much.

I really like the EP titled I MET YOU WHEN I WAS 18. Which actually it’s more a compilation album, it’s a story that’s depicting he moved to New York City, yup when he was 18. But I don’t know guys that’s my opinion about him, let me know what do you think about him, and if you have recommendation , feel dress in the comment section below.

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