Thanks to all the fans that’s actually updating the yg trainees..basically I love YG Entertainment’s music, although they have a strict rules regarding the release about the music, but at the same time they are actually having a lot of talented trainees, ex trainees, and current ones. One of them is actually NOA Kazama, he was one of the longest trainees alongside Bang Ye Dam, and Millenium (most likely be a producer). I actually wanted to thanks to all the social media platforms from YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and any other music platform, for making us easier to listen to our favourite(s) music.

It was said that Noa will most likely focusing on his education, I mean he was born in 2000 right, so he is extremely young, and he should try whatever he wants. I actually really love his voice, and I think it’s a great thing to take a step back, and wait. I mean through his social media, it’s shown that the YG Stans are still supporting him, which is good. I know that a lot of YG trainees were having their own soundcloud before, so people are able to see their talents as future musicians.

Can’t wait for your next release ❤️❤️💪

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