+bodied movie soundtrack+review+

So I finally able to watch the movie, the YouTube premium is actually is not available in Indonesia, so it took time to at least got me to watch the movie. Someone actually uploaded the movie on YouTube over here, you can watch it before it got deleted…here.The thing is the movie was really great I do enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed 8 Miles. I’m not sure about you guys but I guess from the whole thing you can say that our words that we say are actually can hurt someone, and it is a strong weapon to destroy other people without we realise it.

I picked out some scenes that actually highlighting the battle rap between the characters which I think its very fun to watch. Its said that nowadays the battle raps are not using beats anymore. One of the reason is actually allowing the battle participants to be more cooperative, and more interactive with the fans/people who come to watch the battle. Anyways..its a fun movie to watch, how people are also struggling with self confidence, dealing with cultural appropriation and more.

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