+best cover song from k pop+

I have to admit the moment I knew about k pop, there are so many things from their music culture that really excite me to be fair. Firstly they provide the fans through variety shows that includes the musicians through various programs. For example to name a few Two Yoos Sugarman, JYP Party People, and their music shows. Actually they provide the fans with a good amount of fan services (good marketing)

Their survival shows are very exciting to watch as well. Not so long ago JYP ENTERTAINMENT had a show called Stray Kids for their new boygroup. One of their episodes was featuring YG trainees and they covering the artists songs from the respective agencies. Although in my opinion I’m such a total YG family fans, but I do interested with the song of choice from Stray Kids, although the YG boys understand the theme for Why So Lonely better. BLACKPINK also doing great on covering the song Sure Thing by Miguel, although I prefer the original song, the rap part from Jennie and Lisa did not dissapoint the fans.

For the record I’m very excited with Winner’s cover for Haru Haru. I mean..Winner always looked like the black card, but they proofed everyone is wrong about them…anyways I got to know about the unity of the fandoms too, because in the other music industry the fans are not really hyping the artist to the point of really hype.

Anyways..stay tuned for more post….

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