HII guys thanks to all the YG Stan fans, that I actually very interested with YG since the time I knew K POP back in the 2016s due to lack to ideas I checked out some K POP videos, and they blew my mind. AND SOOO I don’t think that YG STAN, or the K POP stans should worry about the future of the K POP industry. I guess I knew the recipe for a K POP song, you added trendy beats, catch phrase that you can announced/pronounced it like English, rap that’s very ear catching, and cool dance (IN A GOOD WAY), don’t forget to add fashion that you can’t find it through other music video. I linked some amazing stuffs below, you guys should check them out… 🙂 the thing is, YG now getting a new formula to work out with the whole music industry, because there are too many people are actually using their formulae for music production (trendy beats + rap)… for example having Song Minho collaborated with other underground hip hop artists like Jamezz will increase YG ENT. as a legit hip hop label, and having BLACKPINK and iKON, and other artists from YG success will put YG into a king of kpop label.

I checked out the song from Wonder Girls, Why So Lonely, and it was re mastered by the YG TRAINEES like Choi Raesung, Bang Yedam, and more it turned out super amazing, they added some R&B, and hip hop sounds that’s very YG. I knew that most people thought they are a product through all the same company, but if we look at YG ENTERTAINMENT, they don’t box the artists to write something. For example MINO album is marked as explicit, and I don’t think a lot of agency will allow that to happen, when the TV STATION called of MINO’s album to contain an explicit content, YANG HYUN SUK DEFEND HIM, for its okay not to play the music video on that particular channel. 

What I got is actually some pretty good stuffs, BANG YEDAM apparently got a soundcloud account before the survival training started, I’m not sure with Choi Raesung but I also found some pretty good stuffs from him as well..what I want to say is that they know how to produced music that’s very on trend right now, I guess from all the charted songs on the billboard most of them at least have a rapper featured on the song.

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