+minzy’s all of you say+

Minzy recently also released her song All of You Say through the Music Works’s YouTube channel. Minzy showed some of her skills of dancing, vocal, and some of rapping on the song. The song is her first full English song, after her solo debut back in 2017, I totally down for her and will support her as a fan through whatever she’s doing in her career.

Its obviously a struggle for her in the last few years, especially with the long hiatus of her previous group, and moving to other company. I think with the K POP world the fans are only going to watch their own idols’ music video, and not going to watch any other music video. I mean her creative directions are more being tested by the public, and definitely there are some trials and errors, you must to know what’s work, and what’s doesn’t. On that creative point of view actually Minzy is growing really fast, through her debut album last year.

Definitely after training for years, and debuting in a company that based the music on hip hop, dance music (majority), its something that’s part of your identity, and in that sense Minzy embraced it very well. All of You Say is also more into self confidence as a woman (that’s how I interpret the music, but I don’t know about you guys)….The music video also filmed in a refreshing scenery, which I think its very fresh about the music, it fits with the bears, and Minzy’s personality (that I guess is pretty cheerful).. The thing is at least the company letting her try to give different sides of her, and continuously releasing new music, in the last 2 years…For example for the song NINANO..I think its really Minzy. It might be hard moving into a new direction after those 7 years debut with 2NE1 but..LETS GO MINZY 🙂

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