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Its been a while since I wrote about Indonesian artists, I mean when I was growing up in the early 2006s to 2010s for me Indonesia has the best artists at their countries, I could say there are several genres that I was really love, like rock, jazz, and R&B. I still remember few that I loved, and still loving them until now, like Afgan, Rossa, D’Masiv, ST 12 (I think they have different name now), Nidji (OMG THEY ARE AMAZING), Glenn Fredly..and more. But at the 2011s, the music in Indonesia was influenced by the K POP bands, they thought that having a group literally will help the music in Indonesia more likely still alive…but unfortunately it wasn’t the case.

I totally understand that K POP was interesting since they can dance, rap, and sing at the same time, but Indonesia got their own colour that I think they are improving right now, you can see a lot of musicians like Dipha Barus, Raissa, Monica and more are currently having a blast in the music industry in Indonesia. Although right now its definitely hard to have a pure Indonesian-based language that fully in Indonesian, even like in other songs like Mandarin, Korean, Japanese language songs are containing some English words..well WELCOME TO THE MILLENNIAL WORLD  GUYSSS..But I really love some Indonesian songs, while living in Melbourne I really miss my home country, and sometimes the best thing to cover that home sickness is through music…They have more diverse genre right now, and their R&Bs are not that baddd..one of the most trending songs is this Karna Ku Sayang…

You guys need to check out Indonesian version of American Idol, there are lots of contestants that I loved like Marion Jolla, Kevin Aprilo, and Brisia Jodie, firstly because they sounded amazing. Kevin actually blew my mind for covering Via Vallen’s song Sayang from Dangdut to and R&B version. If you guys asking me what’s dangdut is..its a song that’s I would say describe it as the Trot version of Indonesia, its not something that I would like to listen to, there are some goods one though.


let me know who’s your favourite Indonesian artist(s) I’m very excited to look for yours 


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