Hellow there are some stuffs that I’ve been liking and listening to. For instance Tiffany Young dropped another song for her fans called Peppermint, and the song that was released weeks ago called Thank U Next was actually my current playlist since it’s release date.

I guess Tiffany is really loving what’s she’s doing and that’s great. I mean she keeps on releasing new music through her own creative thoughts in her new label, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have that much views as long as your music content is amazing. With Ariana, I guess having a break up in a relationship it’s not the end of everything. I mean it’s all part of the learning life experince and I think some of it are belonged to your ex(Es).

i guess music industry is becoming wider than ever, and i personally think that everything is becoming interelatable. Adidas and Stormzy recently collaborated for the track called Line, the project is similar to what Lukaku did with Puma and TheColorGrey for the track called New Level..I’m not offending anyone, but I understand the frustration of the fans with the team, but I don’t think you can judge a player like that..I’m not going to criticised Roger Federer style of play, because it’s not my field..

Actually although I’m such a huge fan of one agency in South Korea, but I try to be more open minded in terms of when an idol releasing their music. I’m not a cute type person, so I have my own idea on choosing my South Korean music, recently Key also releasing his own album, which I will review it very soon. The song with Crush is actually my type of song, it got a R&B sounds that’s totally magical I supposed. I love his vocal too, and I think it’s one of the best collab in K Pop in 2018 😁 (let me know what do you think).

Eminem also got his new freestyle released. To be fair it was an amazing year for him. Literally everyone was so skeptical with Revival, and everyone complaining to get the old Eminem to come back..he got back with Kamikaze and everyone was composing whyyy he dissed everyone..🙄 I don’t think people will ever know how to give thanks..

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