+ANTARES Album Review+

I’ve listened to few songs from the album  Antares, and the album is actually very interesting because Kris Wu is working with few artists that are very well known to the rest of the world. I personally thing that Kris Wu is actually also trying some diverse style for the music to be more experimental, for me sometimes its working , but sometimes its not working (depends on what’s your decisions). With Antares, the album gained a controversy because of the sales, due to huge amount of album sales, from the fans, but the world need to understand that the support given by the fans to their idol in Asia is really a thing, firstly you must notice that the fans usually got a lot of streaming projects through the fandoms, and it causing the music video to be more viral…. And anyways..the album is actually was released near, or during Kris’ birthday, which is in November hence, one of the title is actually called November Rain. I personally think that the way he entered the music industry is very interesting. I personally not a fan of a mumble rap (did he got a mumble rap though ?..not sure) but the choice of his music style, and fashion are actually what makes him very interesting to see. I’m not sure if Kris was with 88rising, but I think they parted way in good terms, in this album Kris also giving the fans to got to listen to what a Chinese songs sounds like.
Moving on he also collaborated with artists like Jhene Aiko, and Rich the Kid, which I think its very cool to see/listen considering right now Asian artists are everywhere..thanks to globalisations and the fanssss. I already stated in a lot of ways that I’m not a fan of mumble rap, especially because in general I can’t understand what they are saying. But Kris honestly got something from his own style that makes you cringe but liking it at the same time, I have to say Freedom featuring Jhene Aiko  is my favourite because I think Jhene’s voice really giving you the chill vibes.
I have to say that Tian Di was released like 5 months ago, 天地 I have to say that to me this song really brought a lot of his culture to the world, which actually can be the best point from the album. I also think other than the lyrics that are full written in Chinese, the cinematography of the music video also very pretty, having this trees, and the fog that giving the mystical vibes…the word 天地 itself is translated to be heaven and earth, or basically world, so you can see why you can see with mystical fog thingy..if you asked why I understand the title, I went to international school and learning chinese (thanks, and kudos to both parents)

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