+a moment to remember+

Back in November 29 1998, Steven George Gerrard making his debut for Liverpool. Although he retired, got mocked for the slipped but for whatever reason is I still adore him, and still wishing that one day I could meet him, and telling him how much I’m a fan of Steven Gerrard. Those farewell that actually hurts me so badly, its almost like having a divorce with a TV…I mean for 17 years with Liverpool it was an amazing time..funny enough that when I was 17 years old, it was the time that I also leaving my hometown Malang to Melbourne…for whatever reason is his journey is like my life journey..(too much hahahahaha), another athlete that actually making a debut on my birth year is actually Roger Federer, later did I know that both are actually my favourite athletes despite I also a fan of other athlete. 

I would like to say that he was giving me the best time of enjoying football on my TV, waiting for every weekend to see Liverpool play, it was a hard time not seeing the no 8 along with Steven Gerrard, the armband is not belong to Steven Gerrard anymore, even seeing England without Steven Gerrard is weird, sometimes I still waited for him as a  however his legacy will continue as a homeboy, to the hometown and nation’s legend. I would say that he will never walk alone, and he will always be part of the Liverpool Football Club…..I always cheering for Rangers now, as he is the manager of the club, and wishing all the best time there winning trophies…those Napoli hat trick was still on my mind, and I will never forget you, despite I also a fan of the new England team 🙂  

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