Hello there I’ve been missing out days since I went back to Indonesia, I’m very happy to be back home but at the same time its a bit boring considering I can’t drive, and they don’t have a public transport service over here. Moving on that Gareth Southgate is actually have a handbook titled We Only Do Positive that’s I think its a great thing for everyone else to see, or read, you can have it through the FA, and I’ll link mine here if you have a hard time finding it on the FA.

Research shows us that 90% of players perform better with positive
Being positive about a young person’s actions or behaviours
has a much better effect on their development than being negative towards
them, which can be something they associate with other parts of their lives and
have a real detrimental impact.
……..I view a coaches’ job as both a responsibility and an outstanding privilege to be able to
influence young people’s development. – GARETH SOUTHGATE 

At this point actually I’m hoping that I’m part of the England team to be able to work with Gareth Southgate, as a fan I totally understand that everyone else got a weak point, but through my point and the way he spoke to the public I think that Gareth is such an example of a leader, and father figure to the players, in which everyone else need one, even I hope Gareth is my dad…which is impossible. I just want to tell everyone that’s its okay not being okay, but as long as you got someone to hold on to….I am someone that might seen as a happy person but I’m not, I’m also struggling with bunch of matters. 

I guess my point of view is a bit different compare to everybody else, but that doesn’t mean that I’m better or what so ever, if you are not relatable to your surrounding try to find things that able to help you out to chill, for me watching sports, like football, tennis, and boxing, or listening to music, I guess both music and sports are inter-related right now.  Also its very important that you need to forgive yourself (I’m still trying too, and its definitely a hard thing to do, considering the judgement that we face..probably). For example as you could see from the stories there were doubts of Gareth Southgate being the England manager, he missed the penalty in Euro 96, and yet he success brought the England team to the semi-final of the World Cup after all the years. Also the UEFA Nation League..although its arguably not so important tournament England was on the group of death..my brother was like laughing at me..but guess what..we are no one guysssss…thanks Gareth Southgate and the team, to all the England players too that I can’t name one by one but I love youuu guyssss 🙂 

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