The London born Australian singer is actually starting to gain his limelight through the song Dazed and Confused , I actually loving his songs I think he got something that’s very in right now, at the moment I think the music is totally genre-less, and the language barrier is actually something that people are not looking up to anymore, you can see a lot of artists from different background are actually starting dominating the US music charts. For example you can see the success through the K POP market that mostly very well supported by the fans 

I actually knew him from my music channel on my TV, called channel V. The channel literally is my favourite channel on my TV since I was a kid, I used to have MTV where I got to see different artist, and they really inspired me through my fashion style I supposed, Ruel is super young, and I hope he experimented a lot in the future, and not afraid to try something new. Ruel already supported Khalid for his tor as well, as an Opening Act for the New Zealand region. I could say that if you’re a fan of BAZZI, or KHALID, BILLIE EILISH, or any other alternative R&B artists than Ruel is perfect for you, I mean these days its a bit difficult to compete for which artists are actually having the best musical production, because there are fans that’s only listening to specific genre, and not wanting to know of other genre

The thing is RUEL is really highlighting a lot of romantic plot story in the songs, its not something that’s very cheasy, but its very nice to listen for your me time…I mean its something that I would not listen until I’m very sad, or I need my own time to relax or reflecting on myself, but I really recommend him to you guys, he is such a talented artist to look forward in the future, I mean he got his own aesthetic as well, both for the visual content, and the musical production. Also let me know which song that I should check for next review, I have two people in my mind, KEY from Shinee, and I’m actually interested over Kris Wu’s album..but let me know on my comment section (THEYAREIMPORTANT)

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