So the album is finally here as I said in the previous post that I’ve been waiting for the comeback since last year…the album is MINO’s first ever full studio album. In this album you/we are able to see more of the sides of Song Minho as a musician , not in a group or variety star. I have to say thanks a lot to YG, for releasing the album, and supporting the YG ARTISTS (some of them need to be release CL PLEASE)

When I heard the title track fiancé I personally think that the song got a unique sounds like traditional music, and hip hop R&B vibes at the same time. I personally think that XX is one of the most awaiting album from the k pop music right now. To be fair I also love the aesthetic from the music video of Fiancé, there are some scenes that Mino wore the traditional Korean Hanbok, which is super cool, because it’s sort of mixing the modern Korean culture, with traditional Korean culture (kpop, and more).

I would say that it’s difficult to choose 3 songs from the album because it’s really amazing..I also love the song that he collaborate with Blue D, and YDG because both artists are showing different characters. YDG gives the old South Korean hip hop to the album , I could that that the album is really amazing, it’s perfect to those who are DRAKE’s fans, there are some track that’s sounded really Trap feel (not really a fan of Trap song), and there are some songs that’s really influence my contemporary R&B as well.

the next song that I think it’s very interesting is the collaboration with Byun Jae, because you must expecting that the song will be so hype and full of witty lyrics, but it’s not. You can listen that Yoo Byung Jae is actually trying his best to the song, it’s very chill song, his collaborators are a bit unpredictable but it’s overall an amazing album..congrats Mino

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