Memphis Depay Freestyle | 2018

Memphis Depay Freestyle 

Memphis Depay Shows His Freestyle Game

I think it’s not my first time writing about Memphis Depay. I think that I totally understand that I support the whole football players through the stuff that they are doing outside the pitch, and definitely, their skills are important too.

Memphis is one of the players that has interesting things to do outside football, earlier he made his “real” debut for the song Akwaaba, that I think very interesting too. I mean even Romelu Lukaku is about to drop some bar with Puma.

I mean haters can say whatever they want to do, but writing some rap bars, and do it it’s not that easy. I mean he found out what he likes to do outside the pitch and it’s the important thing in life knowing what you like, and love ❤️

There are people commenting about the cigar, but to be fair he is also a human, and we’re not the boss out of him 🙃 it’s important that we taking care of ourselves rather than pointing out to other people ❤️ I mean Memphis is really cool, dedicating it to the fans, and giving a little shades to haters💪💪👌

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