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Hello guys, I just went back from my new church today, although I’m worry about the result for Monday, today’s service was one of the best services that I’ve heard by far. Anyways I opened YouTube, and looking for 88rising, the name Phum is popping out, with Higher Brothers, but to be fair his name Phum was popped out from the COLORS channel for the song Lover Boy.

I have to say that the song is actually an easy listening song, its catchy and very refreshing, Phum himself is an established YouTuber from Thailand but raised in New Zealand, he wrote most of his music so there are some free will on trial and errors with his own music. Phum is signed to Thai’s music record called Rats Records, 88rising is releasing the remix version (I guess) with Higher Brothers on partnership with AirAsia, but I’ll linked both the 88rising version, and COLORS Studio’s version. 

But I have to say that having 88rising on the music industry is actually helping the Asian community to get known by the public, because they mostly focusing the Asian artists and keeping the identity of the artists, so I really love that from the band, they also sort of making other Asian artists having their doors for Western community. For me Phum actually got some oldies feels on his music video too, but the song is still catchy for these days, I just want to say the songs are sounds so different, and its really amazing to listen. I would suggest him for your chill day out, or coffee time, or tea time.

I would suggest to the fans of Passenger, and Ed Sheeran, there are songs that focusing on the story of a relationship which currently I have zero experience about it…I could say that for James Arthur fans you guys should listen to him as well, let me know what do you think about him too on the comment section below 🙂

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