~thank you~

Sooo last time, like a week ago Rooney made his appearance for England. Well definitely it’s a bit sad to me, at age 32 for me he is still able to compete at international level, I also think that he leaving England a bit fast. I wish that he could stay longer, but he already stated that going back to the Prem is not possible because his kids are going to school in the States right now, but seeing it happened I can’t really move on from the old England team, but I love the current ones too.

I would like to say thank you to Wayne for mentioning Steven Gerrard as the best player to play with in the national team, and mentioning that Stevie put the team through. But thank you Wayne that he was there with the younger team in Euro 2016. The memories that you gave us, at Manchester United, England are the best thing ever.

Wayne you are one of the best and will always be, thank you for being the England team when Steven Gerrard retired. Thank you fo guiding the younger team as well, and praising them well, and keep supporting the team, I wasn’t able to see the second half against the USA. AT THE END OF THE DAY THERE ARE MPRE HIGHS THAN THE LOWS, and I’m proud to be an England fan ❤️. I wish I could see him play at least for one last time for Manchester United, I thought not seeing Stevie G for one last time, but overall I shared a lot of memories as a fan of the England team.

Am I heartbroken when he retired from the international team ? well maybe, considering that Gerrard was there when he was 32 y.o, but anyways every best stories in the world always come to an end right ? But for whatever it is later on I’m always be a fan and cherish all the memories of him playing for Everton, England, and Manchester United…THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

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