+don’t mess up my tempo album review+

Hiii guys I’m sorry for not being so active lately, but today my mum was away so I have to stay longer at home, which all good. Also its been a few days that I haven’t check out the whole music thing, but I know that EXO was releasing a new album not so long ago, and I give it a try. Its been a few years that actually the K POP industry bringing the fusion from every genre with hip hop music. I mean with the band such as BLACKPINK, and BTS that really made a hits lately EXO is not a different team.

At this album they work with BAZZI as well which is interesting, because SM ENT is really smart at cooperating the Western producers and South Korean producers in order to gain listeners from both culture. I also know that Chanyeol actually also active on contributing with the music, which I think nowadays the agency also letting some idols on participating with their music, which I think its really important to show that K POP is also a music that should be taken seriously.

The one that EXO worked with BAZZI is OOH LALALA which you guys need to check it out, I mean BAZZI is one of my favourite artists that I really like to listen to for my chill moment, and the next song that I choose is GRAVITY. Most of the songs are involving R&B HIPHOP and dance music, which is perfect for the current anthem at the moment…Let me know what song that I should check out next, but I’m waiting for SONG MINHO release as well 🙂 this time its a whole album….

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