It seems that YG will try to break the whole K POP industry again, I mean its not surprising because they really do well with the choice of the music given to the public. Also LISA from BLACKPINK is actually the first foreign artists that signed by the company receiving a good amount of love from the fans, for the diversity involving in the K POP industry.  To me its not a problem that they’ll have a reality show, the problem is the fans are sometimes became crazier…for example the WIN : WHO’S NEXT, the fans are ended up splitting into two. Agencies are big in the South Korea, they’re often to be fandoms, and its really impacting the artists’ sales. In fact it will be interesting if YG will released the songs that the trainees made during the program TREASURE BOX, similar to Show Me the Money, where we can download the song, or show The Call.

This time around YG is also included visuals (good looking guys) to his selection of the boy groups. Its interesting because YG is actually really listening to the fans, what I don’t like is when the fans are comparing trainees, because to me every trainees are different. YG is also strategic on the Asia’s market, considering that Japan is their main based (other than South Korea) for music, Japan selling CDs are still in high demand, its very profitable for the company. Hence having the Japanese trainees all over is really a smart moves, because if their popularity is doing well, the boy group will able to have a Dome Tour faster.

Anyways based on the clips that are provided I really interested with every single of the trainees, on what will they show to the public. Bang Ye Dam’s voice is really cool to be fair, he will be amazing on having songs with R&B, Soul genres, and the Japanese boys are actually having a different sides from their cute face into their deep voice 🙂 I mean its very interesting right ? I’m also very excited with Lee Byonggun as well, because I didn’t watch MIX NINE that much..but anywaysss GOOD LUCCCKKKK 🙂


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