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So guys sorry for being MIA, I’m back home for now and I have to admit that I don’t think the connection is really that fast.. 😦  but anyways I hope you guys will enjoy some of my few posts over here for the holiday. So while entering Fake Jersey on YouTube channel I found this song called Fake Jersey by Teni I don’t know her, but when I listen to the song I feel like the song is nice as well. From what I found she’s a Nigerian singer, her real name is Teniola Apata. 

Long story short I tried to look for the English meaning for the song, and I don’t think that actually the song is taking the literal meaning of having a fake jersey. But anyways the song is still talking the world of football. Soo talking about fake jersey today I purchase 2 of them in my hometown (please don’t copy) but to be fair the price for both including the name is roughly 31 AUD PS my other jerseys are real ones and cost be arounds 100 AUD each, except the two from CLASSIC FOOTBALL JERSEY (they have good deal) 

IMG_0425.JPG IMG_0424.JPG


Q1. How’s the sizing for the fake ones ?

Well I bought size small for both, the materials are obviously slightly different. For example the O Shape collar on the shirts are different from the England’s Nike ones, because I believe Nike have the same template for the sizing. I don’t know about the Adidas ones but its also similar, anyways the price is not bad.

Q2. Is it okay to get them ? 

Obviously NOOOO that’s not okay, there are other options to get them, there are websites that offer a good option like





Or you guys can buy them from the last season because they are on sale, or you can wait near the end of the season because they are also on sale 🙂 As for Classic Football Shirts I have purchase 2 items from them 🙂 they have 2 options for the shipping the faster ones and the normal ones. For the shipping cost is really up to you guys 🙂

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