So finally the music video for Jennie’s Solo is out. If you asked me what do I think about it…well I think the music it’s quiet nice. The music is composed by Teddy and 24 from YG and BLACK LABEL. Well the song actually reminds me of Sunmi’s song Gashina, and Heroine (the vibes and the theme) that really highlighting the power of being single and free, and even break up won’t stop a girl from the thing that they love.

But…I know that the fanatic fans are going to hate this statement..but when they said it’s a hip hop song I personally don’t think it’s actually a hip hop song. Well it’s an upbeat refreshing song I’m not going to lie, but I don’t think it’s a hip hop song. Anyways congratulations for Jennie for the debut as a solo artist. I feel like it’s a refreshing MV too taking a shoot in London, and sharing the cool vibes from the city. But yeahhh I love the song, there are parts that as in English so I think that’s a smart marketing strategy to get the international fans (a good way)

I also loving the fashion too, it was pretty and showing that Jennie is capable of being a fashion icon of K Pop artist. If you guys asking me if they are to hype up ? My answer it’s preference 😁 I mean with BLACKPINK, YG made a good marketing too from their music, through English lyrics, and fashion on their music video 🙃 so I can’t blame him for it, and anyways their music are amazing. No hate for them 😍😍

By the way if some CL’s fans are actually complaining about the release of her music I totally understand. I’m not comparing but sometimes it happened and sadly it happened to CL. It’s a company and I think YG IS AFRAID TO TRY, for example like Tiffany Young she released new musics through a smaller company, but it was well received ❤️😎, I think CL is perfect for 88rising ❤️❤️

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