+chelcee grimes+

Hii everyone now I’m going to write about Chelcee Grimes ! She is one of Dua Lipa’s friend, and she’s not only a singer. She’s pretty much doing what we are doing but she turn everything into her professional career. She’s a footballer, artist, singer herself, she recently making the whole world dancing to Kiss and Make Up, the song Dua Lipa collaborated with BLACK PINK. But Chelcee herself is a prominent song writer.

She wrote a long of songs for artists like Olly Murs, for the song Deeper, and the K POP’s Queen Taeyon. To be fair I don’t even know until I recently checking it out by myself. Not only for Taeyon she also wrote a song for Taeyon’s label mates’ BoA for the song For the Time, at this point a lot of people might be mad at me because when I was young I though BoA is from Japan, because she’s so famous for her anime song. But when I checked out Chelcee’s music I really like it. I would definitely recommend her for someones that Dua Lipa’s, Charli XCX’s fans, I mean they have similar vibes, but maybe more to Charli’s considering Charli wrote a lot of songs for different artists too. By the way Chelcee was also part of Liverpool Ladies, and now she is currently playing for Fulham Ladies, yuppp Chelcee is a Liverpool fan, and she’s from Liverpool

I mean sports could be your personal preference or your personal happiness, where you actually able to express yourself. I mean everything in life will be so much more colourful when you have music in yourlife, and everyone are actually listening to music in a lot of ways too, you can check the video This Fan Girl tooo 🙂


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