+Andrea Bocelli’s Sì Review+

I’ve been listening to Andrea Bocelli since I was young, my parents are a huge fans of Andrea Bocelli’s songs. This is his first solo album after Andrea, the objective for this album is his family, but on the other hand you can find bunch of collaborations that will soothing your ears. I’m going to put this post on the alternative sections, because its an Opera Pop, but its very modern at the same time, you can see the names such as Ed Sheeran, and Dua Lipa popping up. But I definitely excited for the collaborations with his son, Matteo Bocelli.

The duo was meant to sing the song for each other relationship between the son, and father, my goodness this song made me cry..for a lot of reason, firstly because Andrea Bocelli is completely blind since his teenagers, but managed to get a law degree, and spent one year as court appointed lawyer.Matteo was incredible as well, although he is also good looking like Andrea, Matteo also able to put the classiness of the song.

The next collaborations that I love are If Only, and Amo soltanto te. With If Only the video was filmed through the vision of Andrea Bocelli, which I think was so touching on how he viewed his family. I think its very personal think for the filming so I’m really loving it, and the one featuring British current pop star, Dua Lipa is equally incredible. For the collaborations with Ed Sheeran this are their second collaborations after the song Perfect. I mean the song is perfect for your wedding, or long trip with your friends, I mean I could imagine listening the whole album some where in Italy…making me missing my Italy break/holiday. But anyways I’ll suggest you guys to listening to him for your study songs ❤ good luck for your exam(s)

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