I personally think that channel like COPA90’s series Poet and Vuj really brought the music people with the athletes or vice versa. And its none other than the rapper from French, MHD and interestingly its actually abbreviation of his own name Mohammed Diaby, interesting right ? He is also a football fan, and he made a song called Champion League. Most of his songs are influenced by AFRO TRAP, TRAP, Africans music which I personally think its very exciting, and interesting to know about.

To note that MHD also combined several football kits on his music video, he said himself that he is also a friend with Manchester United’s no 6, Paul Pogba I love Pogba too, both MHD, and Pogba just having that swag that’s hard to copy. One of MHD’s AFRO TRAP episode are actually filmed back in Machester, and you can spot Pogba’s shirt on the video as well. I mean its very interesting to listen to every different sound whenever you listen to the music, and the vibes is very different, and have fun in different language, but I love the vibes, the people on the video, and the atmosphere.

Actually MHD collaborated with WIZKID called Bella, which actually Bella is my name at home, its a mix song between English, and French languages but lately I’ve been listening to Latin, Italian songs as well. I mean I grew up listening to Andrea Bocelli, and more. MHD is also showing an interest towards British grime as well, where he stated he is a fan of Stormzy, and Skepta on his interview with The Guardian, he also showing how football is also a big influence on him.

“Football is really important to me because everyone in my neighbourhood is passionate about it,”

I really like the episodes that MHD filmed himself, and making it a DIY vibes on his video, like on the AFRO Trap 3, and 8, I just like to feel the rawness from the vibes. I like being in a random place (sometimes) and that’s what I got on the videos like I got to see different views. However the music video called Bella definitely having more studio set up feels, but I don’t mind. To me if you like an Afro Trap songs, and you haven’t heard about him, you guys need to check him out. ANDDDDD if you haven’t heard about him, try to listen to him, definitely I’ll check him more after the exam thing 🙂

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