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Okies people I think that most of my readers are also interested with some K Pop music, I personally think that the Korean TV shows are actually understand how big the K Pop industry around the world, and they use this opportunity to promote, or support the music in South Korea, but at the same its also boosting the viewers of the music shows, which I personally think its a brilliant idea. Its not bad thing because its more like adding the image of both the show, and the music in South Korea, which I think its really interesting on how they grow, and become dominating the whole music industry right now. I mean I love other music as well, but talking about TV Shows, South Korea is really no joke, they able to make you sits down for hours only to watch they shows.

For example the show I Can See Your Voice, where the judges are supposed to picked up 1 person that they can sing, and they will have a duet at the end of the show, regardless the singer that they choose is able to sing or not they need to finish the song, and the last singer will be the winner of that episode. This show has been adapted to the Indonesian version, I watched it once when I was back at Indonesia, but I don’t really follow it hehehehe 🙂 They made a sister version of this show called The Call, where the singer will be paired with the ones that answering the call, but this show is relating celebrity to other celebrity 🙂

I feel like compare to any other country Korean really proud what they have achieve with the K Pop industry that really make a mark on the music industry around the world. To me, I personally put the stage into another level, and whats makes the Korean artists are different from artists around the world is that how they inter act with the fans, I feel like they really treat the fans really well. We can not talk about South Korea TV shows without Show Me the Money right ? its my favourite show ever to date, although Song Minho is my favourite artists by far, but BEWHY on Show Me the Money 5 was a legend, the show have been adapted to Chinese version, and the Thailand version, the show is really fun because you can see how South Korea having their point of view towards the hip hop industry or community.

Talking about hip hop show in South Korea they also have the show called Hip Hop Tribe, the season 1 involving grandmas actress to participated with the show, it was funny, a bit cliché but it was entertaining at the same time. I mean where you can find another shows that showing an older lady participating a hip hop show, and having fun with younger generations ? Another show called Sugar Man in South Korea is very interesting, the reason is because they involving an older song from South Korea to be re mastered, or re make by the younger artists from South Korea.

Sugar Man was brought up by Yoo Jae Suk, and Yoo Hee Yool, and I think it was connecting the younger generations and the older generations. They have a group age on the show, which I think it interesting, because to me its a bit difficult to know an oldies song from my country. Last but not least I’ll added the show called Infinity Challenge, I really love the show.

The show called Infinity Challenge was one of my favourite show, they are ended now, but they used to have a lot of music festivals, calling artists like G Dragon, Taeyang, KIM C, and Hyukoh. They have different themes on the music as well, I’ll linked a lot for this one because I really loves the show sooo badddd, I don’t want it to end, but I’m not in charge of the show. They even adapted history and corporate it with the music that’s on trend in South Korea, its interesting right ? I mean maybe they might not discussing it the whole textbook, but to know the history through the sounds of music will be so much fun 🙂 let me know what’s your South Korea TV show on the comment section 

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