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I knew James Arthur when he released the single called Impossible, so it means I was in high school. We went to perform the song for an English week at our school, we have Chinese Week, English Week because I went to international school that speak both language. Actually I really hate performing infront of people, because I got scared but the whole singing competition always got so awkward, we went from Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me (Valentines dinner), and singing Maroon 5’s Payphone, and the only word that audible is shit, and fucking..I love my class though, I missed them sometimes. But all those great memories are always be with me, some of them are changing though…

I really love the song Impossible, I think it was his breakthrough song from the X Factors, to me James really showing that he is not only shine through a talent show, but he is also such amazing talented artists. He really making it through his songs Say You Won’t Let Go, and Naked last year. To be honest I almost listen to those songs whenever I go, and when I ride my friend’s car, and my brother, and my TV (back at home). To be honest the songs are nice, he really showing that he is a true star, and the public are fall in love with his songs, and voice. His songs are not the fast songs that makes you to dance on the floor, but his songs are meant to be listen though your earphones, and just chill….

Sometimes you really need a time to break from the whole fast music, because at some point the songs sometimes made my head hurt a bit, especially when I’m in my stress week….Three months ago James released the MV for You Deserve Better, that focusing on a relationship. I could say that most of his songs are very story telling, and there are a lot of love songs over there, but I don’t mind because I really like his voice. To be honest do I think You Deserve Better is under rated ? YESS Definitely, the fans from the Western music fans are not appreciative compare to a K POP fans (in a good way) they don’t really wait on the artists comeback, or highly supportive on social media about the upcoming project..(just my opinion). I mean its definitely hard to top up the two songs that are really making it big, but sometimes an artist might also having a bad day too…so just please check out the single/song out guys 🙂 ❤

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  1. AlienIdeology says:

    Let Me Love The Lonely is one of my favorite pop songs of all time


    1. hellooo how are you ?? really hahahha 🙂 Let Me Love the Lonely…I’m going to check it out

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AlienIdeology says:

        I’m doing good. How about you?
        The song is in his album Back from the Edge.
        I also really like The Truth, Train Wreck and I Am.


      2. I’m going to have my exam before the holiday 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. AlienIdeology says:

        Good luck!


  2. pabrikmatrasbeladiri says:

    i love he’s voice ❤


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