Last time I was supposed to watch Raisa during a gathering in Melbourne but I wasn’t feeling well so I went back to my home to rest. Anyways not so long ago Raisa and Dipha Barus dropped a music collaboration titled My Kind of Crazy. The song was written by Raisa and Dipha Barus, the song has that alternative R&B sounds, so if you guys love music like from Muramasa you should listen to Dipha Barus songs. Actually there are a lot of talents from Indonesia that give you “quality” songs instead of poor quality of music, or music that are not really there but went viral for a night…I used to like listening to music like from Project Pop, D’Masiv, Peterpan now as NOAH, Tompi, Marcel, and NIDJI, but during the K Wave a lot of people from Indonesia are actually trying to invent the group things but I don’t think its really well with the culture that Indonesia is famous for.

Until around a year ago, my younger brother actually introduced me to Raisa, and Isyana. I realised after that, that living in another country you missed those language that we used to use back at our home country, and sometimes I felt I’m being westernised by the culture itself, and I missed listening to the Indonesian music that I listened to when I was young. I really recommend this song to everyone of you guys, as I always said that you don’t have to understand the exact meaning of a song, and music is a universal language.

The meaning behind the song was stated by Raisa ” This song is about love, about intimacy, about how love can drive you crazy. In a good way, and in a bad way…” On the other hand Dipha said ” In this song I tried to explore the idea from Lo-Fi, R&B music that I really love to listen to. And when Raisa came with the lyrics with the idea of “crazy”, my vision to create the music came in for what kind of music to make. Mixing between the Lo Fi, beats and the percussions thats very electronic music”. Those words are the one that I got from the blog hai which is a music blog from Indonesia…soo guys if you’re happened to be an Indonesian let me know whose your favourite Indonesian artists on the comment section down below 🙂 and if you haven’t listen to Indonesian artists before check the song above, and more on YouTube 🙂

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