Kenshi Yoneshu just released a music video for Flamingo. The song have a subtitle on YouTube please check it out. I’ve been a fan of Kenshi Yonezu for quiet sometimes now, I personally think that he really prioritised his artistry more than popularity, and even though he got 100 Million Views he didn’t celebrate it like spreading it through social media, which I think its a really down to earth movement from an artist. I was reading an article from BBC on the reason why you don’t get praised in Japan, I think overly praised sometimes will make you big headed right ? My mum actually never really overly praised her kids infront of them (she’s Japanese style of mum, although she’s not Japanese)


On a music video, I really love the way on how the artists try to communicate with the audience, I don’t really like a video with too much dance movement. I really think there are songs that’s very shallow, but having a dope choreographies are actually getting more views, and the fans..they only look at the appearance of the artists instead of the music itself…The song Flamingo, you can heard some of the dubsteb vibes, a little bit of disco but it was set in a dark parking basement..I guessed its a song from a break up “my nose is dripping, feeling dreary, I’m sneering hopelessly” are one of the phrases thats describe the broken relationships. There are another line “trying to be someone new, singing a tune, Saying something flighty, end up looking like a fool”, well the dance is really cool, its almost like modern dance on his music video Lemon.. O there’s a clearer line “You’re floating away, does this mean good-bye, Are you kidding me ? Let’s talk about this” What I like about this song its almost like a chatting, so by reading the subtitle its really help a lot, and Kenshi’s dance is almost like a crooked person..anyways hope for the best for your comeback 🙂

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  1. HachiFandesu says:

    I’m a fan of Yonezu Kenshi and i really love everything you said. 🙂


    1. thank you sooo much, by the way feel free to always check out the blog. and let me know what do you think about the post. you can suggest you playlist too 🙂


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