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So I finally got a request to review this girl Alessia Cara from my fellow Indonesian blogger My Dirt Sheet. To be fair I knew Alessia Cara for sometimes now, I mean the channel V back at home is literally the channel that I watch all the time, I definitely knew her from the songs like Stay from Zedd, and 1-800-273-8255 from Logic that also featured Khalid. First of all I really love her voice, I think her voice is different, and I love R&B music. Well R&B and hip hop are like cousins I’ve been loving the genre since ages (actually) but on the recent years its grown on me, and its a bit hard on where to begin with. I also listen to bunch of different music from different language but from the same genre (is it interesting ? let me know)

For example like the song Here, her debut song its like reminds me of Amy Winehouse’s vibes, for the record I also love Amy Winehouse, and yeah its about a introverted person which I am, that’s why I try to communicate with you guys through this site 🙂

By the way…I love Lin-Manuel Miranda, I wrote about him over here, and I mean who doesn’t love Moana ? this song is super amazing, I was reluctant to watch a kid movie, but after seeing what Lin-Manuel Miranda did for the theatre, and the awards show I want to watch. I mean the song is super catchy, and Alessia Cara is really embraced the song, her voice is perfect for the song :).

Okies people I love an emotional song, but not too emotional, more mood I could say ? but in an artistic moody..that’s why I really love her, because her artistry is really cool, its almost like you are relatable to her (Alessia Cara) through her music. I really like Growing Pains, and Trust My Lonely, because it has the perfect amount of moody-ness. At times like this I tend to listen to a slower songs, although I really love rap song…but if you look at her videos there are symbolisms that’s very interesting, it might be a different meaning to everyone of us who viewed it..anyways let me know what’s your favourite Alessia Cara’s songs 🙂

I could say although music from the West are not as hard as it used too, but I think its slowly going back with artists like Alessia Cara, the hip hop artists I think they are able to bring back the fans to them 🙂 I mean the whole “mass streaming” by the fans are a bit ridiculous sometimes for me, because you don’t really understand or know the exact real views of the music video. For example like Eminem’s Killshot is literally trending without the fans spreading “please stream Killshot on all platform”, or Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do, is trending without her fans spreading the “mass streaming” project thing…I think at some points its a bit unfair to other artists as well because all people are should getting the real counts of views on music video.

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  1. t says:

    yes i love alessia cara!! my all time favourite song by her has to be wild things as it’s just about being young, dumb and crazy, but i’ve recently been loving trust my lonely and growing pains.


    1. Thank youuu let me know what kind of music. Next I should write ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. t says:

        no problem! hmmm maybe troye sivan, oh wonder, the neighbourhood or chase atlantic?


      2. I did troye already hahaha


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