so another good news from Miyavi is that his song is on the ballot of Grammy’s Awards 2019. The song title is called Long Nights, which featuring Sonita a female Afghan rapper ! AMAZING RIGHT ???? In the past few years we hardly found any artists with Asian descents in Grammy’s Awards, I mean in the world of diversity now I think we should see talents as a whole populations of the entire worlds, including musicians. I don’t think to understand the lyrics of the song it needs to be English, think about BTS who broke the record, BIGBANG..without them singing in English actually there are fans out there who actually sing the song without understanding the language, but the music itself brought a joy to the fans.

To be fair LONG NIGHTS itself is a song that brought a VERY POSITIVE MESSAGE, that just because you’re a woman you can’t do anything, or just because you have a conservatives background you need to do accordingly to what exactly that you ancestors did in the past. We lived in 21st century it means the cultures are more different, more evolve doesn’t mean we break the rules, but we added the rules for ourselves. The song was written by MIYAVI from the way he back from the refugee camp, the song itself is talking about hoping for a better future in life later on, and not giving up is the key. 🙂

MIYAVI himself is a prominent guitarist, actor, singer, and more (dad, and modeling sometimes) on Long Nights he displayed the guitar skills and his expressions are one of the reason on why became a fan after seeing UNBROKEN, but those scene on KONG was really stole the show, I really hope that the campaign for LONG NIGHTS will help the community to thing more about the diversity that we need on the music industry, not just the acting industry. In the past on the acting category, we have Ken Watanabe, Ben Kingsley, and Dev Patel who shares Asian blood to be nominated in Oscars, hopefully this year we’ll see more with MIYAVI too share the news 🙂


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