+yuna zarai+

I guess you must know her, Yuna Zarai such a talented amazing, Malaysian singer. She notable for her collaboration with Usher for the song title Crush few years ago. To me personally what I really like about her is because she is cool, but she seems very down to earth. Most of her songs are very chill which is really cool for me, because there are times that you just want to chill out rather than fulled hyped up with certain songs as well in your life..I actually loving the black and white video on the music video too, actually her voice is really nice, and recently she covered Post Malone’s Better Now, which I’m going to linked it down below.

I listen to her couple years ago, and E News Asia got a special documentary about her if I’m not mistaken, the other song that I just found out is Broke Her. Broke Her is another chill out type of song, you can listen to the song while chilling out with your friend at a cafe or dinner probably, you can listen to the song while you’re alone, and its the perfect broken heart song I LOVE YOU YUNA !

She’s also not a nomination for BET Awards for her collaborations with USHER, I love BET AWARDS because they also acknowledge other minorities like Best International Act, and more but correct me if I’m wrong because Woo Won Jae was nominated for that Best International Act, but anyways in order to loving our diversity we need to love each other without seeing their physical appearance. Also Yuna collaborated with one of my favourite artist Jhene Aiko..OMGGGG right ? Like the two collaborated together making BOP of the year, I feel like Yuna deserves more that what she got right now, her talent is just soooo woowww 🙂 anyways check her out as always 🙂

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