+Vogue & Brit Hop+

cred maishacaramel

With the new editor in chief coming to British Vogue, I feel like the magazine starting to change the image of the magazine, I feel like the magazine is now more approachable to the younger generations as well, it has more depths towards the culture in the UK (correct me if I’m wrong because I’m not from the UK) for example the Brit Hop, that actually I’m not really exposed to, but it was interesting to see the music culture in UK more often because I really love the musicians from the UK, like Adele, Ed Sheeran, Paloma Faith, Charli XCX, Amy Winehouse, Stormzy, and Skepta.

Actually kudos to the new editor Edward Enninful for giving a fresh image of the magazine to be more lively. I really appreciate the chosen covers for the new British Vogue, from the Beckhams, different girls for the Vogue cover, Oprah Winfriey, Rihanna, and many more. So anyways the Brit-Hop introduced me to artists that I haven’t check before like the Section Boyz, Loyle Carner, J Hus. Actually Jorja Smith also featured on the video, but I made one post dedicated to her, so please check it out here. I mean the music industry in UK is more raw for personally, which I think its very interesting, because they are not really exposed to the mainstream music just yet. People like Stormzy, Skepta, and Dave are actually starting to get their names in the mainstream music through their talents, and their collaborations with artist like Drake.

I linked most of the artists below 🙂 and make sure to check them out, by the way do anyone has any idea why genius.com now linked every single songs to apple music ? and actually not every single artists actually have their apple music account right ? I guess its fair though because some of them aren’t link to the original channel of the artists 🙂

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